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Company overview

Our mission at Life India Partners is to help propel your company into India, which is one of the biggest growing consumer markets of the world. This is can be achieved by streamlining the complex marketing strategies needed for a diverse market like India.

We’re not your typical Consultancy Services. Our experience stems from years of working with and learning from large enterprise businesses of consultancy services that once shared but overcame many of the same challenges we face today: core business processes that impact marketing strategies and quality of services delivered. We’ve successfully applied marketing best practices from myriad industries to help organizations succeed – with remarkable results.

Company History

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  • 2010

    start with a small Business

    We were a young dynamic organization that started its operation in 2010 in the business of Consultancy services across India

  • 2015

    First Recognition

    We’d successfully applied marketing best practices from myriad industries to help healthcare organizations succeed – with remarkable results.

  • 2019

    Established Firm

    We work with more than 300 companies through our distribution network of 100 distributors across India. Now a reputed company helps international companies establish their business in India.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Life India Partners helps clients to start business in India market right from pre-planning stage, set up, marketing plans and commercialization strategies for products. We also help our clients in all legal and processing formalities for India market.

  • Strategy Development

    As experts in the healthcare field, Marketing & Sales field we help clients create a winning strategy to fit their unique position and business objectives right from the beginning to operations and growing business in India.

  • Strategic Partnering

    Sensitive to the needs of a growing company and the needs to partner in either making blueprints, distribution strategy, R&D, technology exchange, manufacturing, financing, channel development, etc

  • Corporate Development

    Because of our vast network of industry contacts and understanding of healthcare businesses, life offers a unique advantage in identifying potential business partners and offer end to end solutions for establishing a business in India

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